Health Benefits Of Meditation And Why Do It Daily

OK, so I admit, I’ve become a bit of a YouTube junkie. I use to it listen to different songs, as well as to listen to soundtracks from my favorite anime shows, movies, and video games. A few days ago, I was watching a video about Gohan, my favorite character in Dragon Ball Z, and the secrets of his ultimate ( or fan named Mystic) form. Dragon Ball Z was my favorite show as a kid ( thank you Toonami) and still is one of the best anime series ever made. If you don’t know what Dragon Ball Z is then…who are you?

Anyway, after watching that video, I clicked on another video in the related selection. What both videos talked about was the power of meditation. What is meditation? We’ve seen many movies and TV shows where people( mostly martial artist) do it, but what is it exactly? Simply put, it is the practice of calming the mind and relaxing the body. I’ve been doing this practice daily for nearly two weeks, and I’m certainly reaping the benefits. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of meditation and why you should also make it a daily practice.

Health Benefits Of Meditation

Reduces Stress 

We are all pretty busy people. We spend the majority of our days at work or at school. Maybe you’re working toward a goal or have a big project that you are trying to finish. We work ourselves to the bone trying to get done what needs to be done, but at the same time, we increase our stress levels. It certainly doesn’t help if you have an annoying, pain in the butt boss or teacher that keeps breathing down your neck. Also, if you work in customer service, the stress is real.

High-stress levels are also not good for your fitness journey either. Stress produces a hormone in the body called cortisol. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that stops the production of testosterone and reduces protein synthesis, which in turn, halts fat loss and muscle growth and promotes muscle breakdown. Not only can meditation help to reduce stress, but it can also help you gain a more positive outlook on life. A study shows that meditators had reduced stress and smaller cortisol levels than non-meditators. So who’s ready to be less stressed and happier?

Improves Immune System

Your immune system is the cornerstone of your health. It protects you from diseases and other harmful organisms, but the specifics on how it does that have been a mystery for the most part. However, did you know that our immune system communicates with our brains? Deepak Chopra, M.D. stated, “Then, in the ‘80s it was discovered that the immune system is highly intelligent; it became known as ‘a floating brain’ because of the ability of immune cells to participate in the chemical messages sent by the brain throughout the body.”

This means that all the thoughts and feelings you have inside can affect how your immune system operates. The right anterior insula, prefrontal cortex, and right hippocampus act as the base for the immune system. They control anxiety, awareness and positive emotion. Meditation stimulates these areas, allowing the immune system to work more efficiently and effectively. Just to give an example, a study showed an increase in antibodies in individuals who participated in an 8-week meditation program.

Improves Focus 

Have you ever been working on something important, and you find your mind wandering elsewhere or you find yourself getting easily distracted. Trust me, you are not alone. Even to this day, I still find myself losing focus when working on my articles and even while I’m at work. However, after a few days of meditation, I have found that my focus is growing stronger.

This comes as no surprise since meditation improves mental focus and cognitive performance. In a study posted in the Journal of Neuroscience, neuroscientist Guiseppe Pagnoni took a group of 12 Zen meditators and 12 volunteers who’ve never meditated before in their life and put them in an MRI machine. He found that the meditators had better control of their thoughts than the non-meditators. Can definitely come in handy for work and school, especially if you find yourself constantly fantasizing about that cute coworker or classmate.

Can Slow Down Aging

When people ask how old I am, they’re stunned because I look young. I know that there are a lot of people out there who would like to say the same thing, and meditation can help with that.Now getting older is a part of life and there is nothing we can do to stop that, however, that doesn’t mean we have to “age”. During one of his workout videos, Tony Horton said he doesn’t believe in “aging”, and that as we get older we can still be better.

Going back to a previous point, high stress can age the cells in our bodies known as telomeres. Telomeres are caps at the end of each chromosome. These caps shorten every time a chromosome replicates until it can’t shorten anymore. Also, certain age-related diseases seem to be associated with shorter telomeres. However, study shows that, in a similar age group and lifestyle, practitioners of Zen meditation had longer telomeres than those who didn’t. Now, I don’t know about you, but the idea of being able to turn heads even in my elderly years sounds very appealing.

Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest 

Ever since I started going to the gym early in the morning, I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Once I realized this, I started doing whatever I could to get a good night’s rest. I made sure to be in bed early enough to get at least get 7 – 8 hours.

However, I found myself not being able to fall asleep immediately and waking up very tired. I’ve implemented techniques such as shutting off all electronics and just laying on my bed in my room with the lights off, which seem to work at first, but only worked for a fraction of the time.

I remember one particular night where I did all these things but found myself unable to fall asleep at all. I later realized that the stress from work was preventing me from getting a good night’s sleep. Stress from the past and future can have our minds racing, preventing our ability to sleep. However, once I started meditating, I’ve been able to clear my mind and fall asleep fast.

A study conducted in the JAMA Internal Medicine took 49 adults where one half practiced mindful meditation, while the other half took a class on sleep education. Results showed that the group who practiced meditation had less fatigue, depression, and insomnia. This is because meditation can help you get quality sleep. One thing to remember when it comes to sleep is that quality is more important than quantity. You’ll never be fully rested unless you get good, quality sleep.

As you can see the health benefits of meditation are amazing. At this point, you’re probably wondering how to meditate. There are many different techniques to meditation that you can search for. However, here’s the method that I find the easiest and most effective. Find a comfortable place to sit and take slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do your best to keep your focus on the breath as it is easy to let your mind wander. If that happens, just bring your focus back and you’ll be good. Doing this from anywhere between 10 – 30 minutes is plenty of time. I’ve been feeling so much better, happier and more at peace since I’ve started meditating. How about you? Have you experienced the health benefits of meditation for yourself?. Leave your comments below.

William Newsome


  1. Loved this post. I agree with all of it. Meditation calms the mind and is an important key in reducing stress that can lead to anxiety and depression. Thanks for sharing

  2. Whoa, now this was an eye-opener. My wife has mentioned meditation to me more than once. I struggle with finding the time. I knew it was beneficial but I had not idea about these specific health benefits. Looks like I am going to have to make this a priority and work it into my schedule.

  3. Hello William,

    Meditation is the most important thing I do to stay alive, stress is killing me and the only thing makes me feel better is meditation, thank you for covering the benefits of meditation that was useful.

    • Hi, Rawan. Stress is definitely a killer, especially if you work in customer service. I can’t even begin to tell you how meditation has helped me feel a lot better as well.

  4. I have been searching for ways to reduce stress in my life. I have been taking a yoga class, and that helps. I really think I need to concentrate on meditation. I did not know the connection between stress and cortisol, and how that can reduce testosterone, that may help to explain a lot of things to me. I have a better understanding of the power of meditation. There are so many benefits, sleeping better, improving focus, all things I need more of! It’s amazing the power of slowing down and giving your mind and body a break. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it.

    • No problem. Our bodies aren’t machines, but most of the time, we treat them that way. We all need to take time for ourselves to recharge and regroup, otherwise, the stress will put us in an early grave. I love the feeling I get after meditation, the feeling of increased overall well-being and being able to take on any challenge

  5. I am a huge fan of meditation.

    For me, its a time in my day where i can talk with myself and get to know me better. Its the time where i speak with the universe and ask it for what i want.

    Its the time where i state that i am grateful for everything i have in my life, all the experiences I’ve experienced, and all the people whom I’ve ever known.

    I will admit when i first started it was a bit tough to control my thoughts and focus on only what i wanted to. However, after mediating for quite some time now i have full control over my thoughts and for me this is a big deal.

    I started meditating because i was having an identity crisis. I didn’t know who i was truly. I mean i knew who i was but i did’t know me.

    I never took that time in the day to have a conversation with myself and get to the bottom of who i was and what i wanted out of life.

    I really do believe that everyone can benefit from meditating. For me, I’ve noticed that it’s reduced my stress, improved my focus, and drastically improved my sleep.

    But still, i believe the biggest benefit of meditating is taking that time to feel feeling of gratitude and excitement for the past, present, and future.

    • I’m also having a little trouble controlling my thoughts while meditating, but I’m getting there. It’s a saving grace even now as I’m trying to find a new job and I’m getting frustrated

  6. Thank you for writing this article. I have been neglecting my meditation practice as of late, but you’ve convinced me to start back up again. Do you have any advice for those of us who need to gradually get back to it gradually?

  7. I really enjoy this information and wanted to say thank you. My wife does exercise but she has never do meditation after I read her this article she says she will try it because it seems to have great benefits. My wife and I just wanted to say THANKS and I make sure I pass this info to my friends.

  8. Its amazing how an old ancient eastern world practice is now being practiced in the modern western world and people like you and any many others are doing it on a daily basis. I really like the fact you know so much about the topic and how you explain and go in depth on each benefit. I enjoyed reading this article!

    • Thank you so much. I really how it’s helped me to be less stressed in my everyday life. I feel so much better after only spending about 10 to 15 minutes during my meditation sessions

  9. I liked your way of presenting the benefits of meditation!! i have been tried this meditation many times and its really work great. Especially if you are suffering from stress then its work like a magic pill. You all worries and stress blow-out. Very good article. keep sharing such good posts.

  10. Hi Will – Thanks for sharing. I have tried meditation a few times to help me fall asleep and it worked like a charm. The guided meditations are better for me (as I have ADD). Thanks for the post!

  11. I pray that one day we will all make meditation a part of our life, like brushing our teeth or making a meal. Thanks for getting the word out there!

  12. Hi there. Thanks for some great insight to meditation. I use a breathing meditation to help improve my lungs for diving, which I do a lot of. I actually don’t know much more about meditation so this article was very helpful. I did not know of all the health benefits that u get. I shall be doing it more often I think from now on, lol.

  13. This is a great article that everyone should read. There are so many benefits of practicing meditation and it is quite sad that majority of people don’t know about that. I practice meditation daily and can really feel the difference. Cheers!

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