P90X Workout Review – Get Ready To Bring It

Product: P90X

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My Rating: 8 out of 10

Get ready to bring it with the world famous P90X. This is one of the first programs that Beachbody has ever created. They boast that they can you in the best shape off your life in only 90 days. That’s right, in only 90 days, you can sculpt your way to a chiseled physique using, in my opinion, the best strength workouts every put on DVD.

P90X Workout Review


I first caught a glimpse of P90X as promos on my Insanity DVDs. To be honest, I was a little intimidated at first. Seeing all the push ups and pull ups they were doing had me like “Yeah, I’m not doing this program”. One day, however, my cousin from the Air Force challenged to push up contest. Long story short, I lost pretty badly. We’ve always been competing with each other ever since we were kids. When he joined the Air Force, we’ve added physical exercise to the list. After that little skirmish, I realized that I needed to work on my endurance as well as my form. So, once again reluctantly, I decided to give P90X a try. Thankfully, my uncle had a copy of the program, so I didn’t need to buy me own.

Product Overview

P90X is a strength centered workout that targets every part of your body. You will be doing push ups, pull ups. barbell curls, pretty much every strength exercise you can think of and then some. Don’t worry, they also got the abs/core covered too. This program was created by Tony Horton, fitness expert and comedian extraordinaire. No matter how tough it is, he’ll keep you engaged all workout long with his jokes and funny lines. He will make you laugh through pain as you go through each workout. The program is 90 days, and is broken up into Month 1, Month 2, and Month 3. You will need a variety of weights or resistance bands, and yoga mat.

The Workouts

Chest and Back

Chest and back is “push and pull” all workout long. Tony considers it a world class upper body workout. You will be doing various pull ups to strengthen your back, and push ups to build up your chest. They throw in a few dumbbell exercises in the mix as well. By the end, your arms will feel like jelly, but it will be worth it in the end, especially for the guys. Guys, if you work hard and give it your best, you’ll have that strong firm chest you’ve always dreamed of.


If Chest and Back is a world class upper body workout, then consider Plyometrics a world class lower body workout. Be prepared to squat, jump and pulse your way to toned legs. By the time your done, your legs will be begging for mercy. You also may feel like crawling to your protein shake when you are done

Shoulders And Arms

Here, you get to workout out the “glamour muscles”. Bicep curls and overhead presses to get your arms ripped and chiseled in time for summer. Just picture it, you are at the beach with your new arms, and all the ladies can’t help but check you out. Let that sink in for awhile…

Yoga X

Yes, P90X has a yoga workout. Don’t let it fool you though. You will still be putting in work. If you are familiar with yoga, then you know what I am talking about. If you are new to yoga, then you are in for a real treat *wicked grin*. You’ll keep your strength work with push ups and planks. You will also will be working on your flexibility with downward dogs and lots of stretching. It may be a lot at first. However, by the time your done, you will feel great

Legs And Back

So it’s back to the legs and back. This workout is not as intense Plyometrics or Chest and Back, but you will still feel the burn. Here, we go back to pull ups, squats, jumps and leg stabilization. In this workout, you will a few new variations to pull ups and will have the option to use weights for your leg workouts. Are you up to the challenge?

Kenpo X

This workout is the most fun out of all the other workouts in this program. You will be kicking, punching and elbowing those calories away. It’s a great cardio workout, and you’ll get to feel like a warrior.

Back And Biceps

The Month 2 workout that replaces Shoulders And Arms for Day Three. A more bicep-focused workout with more pull ups added into the mix. Your biceps will be sore after this workout.

Chest, Shoulders And Triceps

This workout is truly crazy. It’s the Month 2 workout that replaces Chest And Back for Day One. Your arms will really be put to the test in this exercise. There are dips, shoulder flies, tricep extensions, and different variations of push ups. The real test, however, comes in the form of the one-handed push up exercise. The last time I did it, I barely managed 2. Hopefully you can do better than me.

Core Synergistics

Core Synergistics is workout you will be doing during your recovery weeks. It’s an important workout that helps strengthen your core. Since you’re doing this during the recovery week, the workout is not as intense as the others. All the workouts will help you to engage your abdominal area, which is very important. Keeping your core tight helps with your form and brings you maximum results from the workouts.

Ab Ripper X

A 15 minute, intense core/ab workout that will leave them sore when you’re done. This workout will make your abs pop. If there’s anything women love more than a big chest and arms, it’s a ripped six pack.

X Stretch

After a long week of intensive workouts, your body needs a good cool down. Now, you can choose to make it a rest day, or you can spend the next hour stretching your body with Tony and friends. I normally take the rest day, but on some occasions when I do the stretch, I always feel nice and relaxed.


P90X is a world class strength workout in my opinion. With this program, you workout every single muscle in your upper body and lower body. You’ll be left in a pile of sweat, and your muscles will feel like jelly


I do find two downsides to this program. 1) This program requires different sizes in weight. You can’t do every strength exercise with one set of dumbbells. You need to buy or utilize a whole weight set or a set of resistance bands. 2) Every workout is about and hour long, with Yoga X reigning supreme at an hour and thirty minutes.

This program is tough, but if you stick to it and do your best, you will be pleased with the results. So are you ready to work, sweat, and get in the best shape of your life in only 90 days? Are you ready to “Bring It”?

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William Newsome


  1. Hey will,
    Thanks for the review man. Just a thought – many peeps wanna get in shape w/o having to get lots of equipment and w/o having to spend so many hours on exercising. What would you recommend in this situation?

    • Hey Barak. You could get the insanity max 30 program. 30 minutes of intense exercise and no equipment needed. I did a review on that workout as well. Check it out.

  2. My husband would absolute love this post. This is his desire. I’m gonna show this to him.

  3. Great article and very well written review and what is better than working out for 30 mins without spending lots on equipments and get in shape like a celebrity. Your articles are always very well explained in simple way.

  4. This is a fantastic review. I can come here all the time for any information. I myself like working out a-lot and staying fit. Awesome website as well!

    • Thank you so much. I started to lose my desire for working out when I wasn’t seeing results. However, when results started to come, I became really pumped and motivated

  5. Great review, you have done a superb job. People usually concentrate of fat burning food and many expensive equipment, but this will do the job far easier. Highly recommended for the people who want to burn fat. Keep up the good work, looking forward to read more useful articles from you.

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