P90X3 Review – Bring It In Only 30 Minutes

Product: P90X3

Best Place To Buy: Beachbody.com

My Rating: 9 out of 10

If you enjoyed P90X, then you are going to love P90X3. Beachbody took the best from P90X and P90X2, and jam-packed into 30 minutes. Join Tony Horton and his crew in this 90 day journey to a better body filled with sweat, sore muscles, and lots of laughs

P90X3 Review


Next to Insanity, P90X was definitely one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I mentioned before how intimidated I was with all the push up and pull up exercises. However, I got past it and decided to give it a try. It was tough, but I pushed through, progressed, and felt a sense of accomplishment after every workout. However, I was working out for over an hour almost everyday. That started become taxing on my body due to my work schedule and other commitments. That feeling came at the right time. Short;y after, I’ve discovered P90X3 during a late night infomercial, just like how I discovered Insanity.

Product Overview

Tony Horton returns with his funny antics in this P90X condensed workout. With P90X3, you will be in and out in just 30 minutes. Don’t be fooled just because this workout is only 30 minutes. You will sweat, and your muscles will be begging for mercy. Especially if you do your absolute best in this program. Tony gets you hitting the ground running, targeting every muscle group. Similar to P90X, the P90X3 workout calendar has a Month 1, Month 2, and Month 3 setup. You also have different workout schedules to best fit your needs. “Classic” for that original P90X feel. “Lean” for those who prefer the lean, long look . “Mass” for those who are looking to build bulk instead of leaning out. And finally, “Doubles” who are looking for a challenge and want to push themselves to the limit.

The Workouts

Total Synergistics

Total synergistics is a full body resistance workout that utilizes compound movements. Compound movements are said to trigger the body’s ability to produce performance enhancing hormones, increase your metabolism, and change the shape of your body.

Agility X

Agility X is an intense cardio workout that gives that will leave a pool of sweat on your living room floor. However, in this case, the Agility X’s targeted cardio movements will help you move more effortlessly for longer periods of time.

The Challenge

The Challenge is P90X3’s version of P90X’s Chest and Back. You will be going back and forth between push ups and pull ups. There’s also a push up and pull challenge as the last exercise, hence the name of the workout. Are you up for it?

X3 Yoga

X3 Yoga is another P90X classic condensed for P90X3. Yoga X puts you through an hour and a half of bending, stretching, plank and core work. In X3 Yoga, Tony takes the best yoga moves and gives you a good yoga workout in less than half the time.


CVX is an awesome cardio workout with a twist. It combines a full body cardio workout with weight training. The added weight will help you to max the effects of the cardio movements. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, think of yourself as Piccolo during this workout.

The Warrior

Tony has spent a lot time training with our service men and women. Now, he’s bringing the training to us. In 30 minutes, you will get a great resistance workout for the upper body and lower body with some added core and cardio work. Best of all, “no weights are were in the making of this workout”.


If you ask me, Isometrix is similar to yoga, with the added bonus instability. You will be performing isolated, unstable balancing exercise that will make you work your stabilization muscles, and help you build a strong foundation


Dynamix focuses on increasing your range of motion. Having increased flexibility and stability will help you in your performance and get more out of each move.


Accelerxator is a workout with two different speeds that targets different energy systems. This cardio workout ranges from normal to very fast. It increases cardiovascular health, as well as help builds strength.

Pilates X

I wasn’t familiar with Pilates at all until I started this program. Apparently, it was founded by Joseph Pilates over a century ago, and focuses on using the core, breathing, and balancing to strengthen the body. Sounds simple enough, however, Pilates X will have you (In Tony’s words) crying like a little baby when you’re done.


Incinerator is a strength workout designed to make you “burn out”. You will be doing back to back movements that target the same muscle groups. You will train your muscles to failure, thus promoting muscle growth.


If you love P90X’s Plyometrics, you will love Triometrics. Triometrics is an explosive lower body workout that has three different levels of difficulty, hence the name. This tactic is used to help eliminate the downtime you would need if you were doing regular plyometric training.


MMX is a fun, intense, mixed martial arts inspired cardio workout. The workout uses moves from karate, kenpo, tae-kwan-do, and jiu-jitsu. You’ll be punching, kicking, and sprawling your way to a toned, chiseled physique.

Eccentric Upper And Eccentric Lower

Eccentric Upper and Lower are an upper body and lower body, respectively, that focuses on slowing down the movement in each workout. They call it “time under tension”, and it’s said to promote muscle growth, and lengthens them.


Decelerator is an explosive lower body workout that combines explosiveness, stabilization, and helping you to “stick the landing”. During athletic performance, we tend to injure ourselves when coming down from a jump. Decelerator will make you sweat when you launch into every move, and teach you balance and safety when you come down.

Cold Start

Working out in and of itself is hard enough. However, working out first thing in the morning can prove to be even more difficult. You get up and you’re still tired. Maybe you live in a cold environment and it’s hard for you to move right away. This is where Cold Start comes in handy. If you have an extra 30 minutes, this little pre-workout will help get the blood flowing in your body and warmed up for the work ahead.

Bonus Workouts

Complex Upper And Complex Lower

Complex Upper and Lower are two bonus workouts that are part of the Elite Block of the P90X3 calendar. These workouts focus on Post Activation Potentiation. This was first introduced in P90X2. They start you off with a weighted resistance exercise then an explosive move right after. These workouts are designed to help you move better and increase strength and power.

X3 Ab Ripper

The last of the bonus workouts that works the core. X3 Ab Ripper is 15 minute ab workout that works the entire the center of your body, helping you develop that six pack you have always dreamed about.

My Experience With P90X3

I thoroughly enjoyed P90X3. After each workout, I was sweating like a dog, my muscles were sore or both. The thirty minutes may feel weird at first, especially if you’re used to P90X. However, you’ll get used to it.


  • Big pro, each workout is only 30 minutes. Once you get started and get into it, you’re done
  • This program has different workout calendars to tailor to everyone’s needs and goals
  • You can either use weights or resistance bands for this program.


  • Only one comes to mind. You’ll need a variety of weights or bands for this program. No “one size fits all”

I give P90X3 a 9 out of 10

As I said earlier, it’s hard for me to believe that no one 30 minutes. That’s all the time you need to build an awesome physique. If you have tried the P90x3 program, drop a comment down below and share your experience. If you haven’t, click link the below and enjoy the journey.




William Newsome


  1. I still have to get all the way through P90X ONE!
    My daughters bought it for me and I started and stopped several times.
    I got PIYO because it’s a little gentler and I need to start slower but I wound up going back to my all time favorite – Billy Blanks – Tae Bo – yep. I’m old school.

    • Hey go at your own pace. When you feel comfortable increasing the intensity, go for it. X3 also has modifications so you can still keep up the intensity but minimize the impact.

  2. I used to be a big fan of the Beachbody programs. I loved Tony Horton and his sense of humor 😀 I was in the P90 challenge before and I reached fantastic results! I would assume that it is a newer version of P90 🙂 Just because it is Tony in there, I would get this program!
    The good thing about the Beachbody is that they equip you not only with the workout program but also with the nutrition. A lot of coaches there run challenge groups of FB or Whatsapp to keep you accountable!

    • I actually was in one of the groups. I left because the person in charge was pressuring me to become a coach, and I wasn’t interested at the time. Were you or are you still part of a group?

  3. P90X is a great workout! I actually have it. The problem for me is working out alone in the living room. I find it is hard for me to keep a routine. But anyone that wants a good workout, this is it for sure!

    • I understand. I know alot people who find it hard to work out at home alone because there’s a lack of motivation. That’s why I would recommend looking at pictures of your dream body to help motivate you

  4. P90x is real great I enjoy doing x3 yoga and it has helped me build myself. Thank you for explaining in details and I gained new information I didn’t know thank you once again

  5. What a great system! Would you say that in the long run, it is a good investment to get the Ultimate Collection because it comes with all of the appropriate tools or is it cheaper to buy them separately? How well made are they? Thank you

    • If that’s the case I would prefer buying the ultimate collection. It’s cheaper than buyinfg everything separately. The only equipment I’ve ever bought was the foam roller and it works pretty well

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