The Risks Of Excess Body Fat And How To Lose It

Let’s face it, we all love food. There so many different types to choose from. I’m willing to bet that if there were no consequence, we would sit down and eat as much food as we could. But as we all know, too much of something is never good for you. I remember growing up how I would eat second and even third helpings of food each day. I was also another one of those kids who wanted to eat McDonald’s every day.  Of course, I got bigger over time, but as a kid, I was unaware of the risks of excess body fat in my midsection, nor did I care. As an up and coming teenager who saw ripped guys on TV shows, movies, and magazines, however, I looked in the mirror one day I started to feel very self-conscious about my body.

The true horror came shortly after when I got a call to see the doctor after my annual physical, and hearing how I was at risk for diabetes and that I would be put on medication if I didn’t lose some weight. Ever since that day, I’ve been everything I can to get rid of my excess body fat. When we eat too much food, especially with little to no physical activity, we walk down the path headed straight for obesity. Not only do the risks of excess body fat include low self-esteem and self-confidence, it can also lead to some unwanted health problems as well.

The Risks Of Excess Body Fat

  • An increase in pounds can lead to increase in blood pressure, which can then lead to heart disease. When blood pressure is high, the coronary arteries become clogged due to a build up of fat and other substances which limits blood flow and decreases the amount of nutrients and oxygen the heart gets. The heart, then in turn, works harder to get more of what it needs, but over time, the heart’s pumping power and muscle walls get weaker and can cause heart attacks and even congestive heart failure.
  • As I mentioned earlier, another risk of obesity is Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which it affects how the body handles glucose. Glucose is converted into energy for the body thanks to insulin, a hormone created by the pancreas. Diabetes causes what’s commonly known as insulin resistance, which makes the body unable to use glucose effectively.
  • If the first two weren’t enough for you, how about we include your sex lives? That’s right, obesity can also lead to a low sex drive. I honestly didn’t know about this until doing some research for this article. Dr. Martin Binks, a Duke University psychologist did a study on how those extra pounds can affect feelings of sexuality a negative way and how weight loss can improve them. The study involved 161 obese women and 26 obese men and each reported problems with their sexual attractiveness, desires, and performances at the beginning of the study. Similarly, Dr. Andrew McCollough, MD, director of sexual health and male infertility at NYU Medical center stated “Medical conditions such as high cholesterol and insulin resistance do have the ability to impact sexual performance, which in turn impacts desire, particularly in men”. Just like how high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes can clog the coronary arteries, they can also clog the arteries in the penis which can lead to erectile dysfunction and thus a loss of sexual desire. I don’t know about you, but as a man myself, the thought of losing my sex drive prematurely utterly terrifies me.

Reduce The Risks of Excess Body Fat and Live a Healthier Lifestyle

 God has given us all one body. Our bodies are our temple, and we must treat it as such. Here are some tips to get you on your way to reducing the risks of excess body fat…

  • As I mentioned here, in order to lose weight, you need to be on a calorie deficit (eating less calories than your body can burn). You need to figure out how many calories your body burns on a daily basis. Then eat around 500 calories below that number. Most people who do this normally lose between 1-2 lbs per week. Another thing to remember is that you should also eat more healthy foods and less junk. Junk is good on occasion. However, eating foods such as chicken, lean beef, fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will make you feel more energized.
  • Along with a proper diet, exercise is also a great way to drop that excess body fat. I go to the gym 5 days a week. However, I know that can be too much for some, while others detest the gym. If this is you, just skip to the end. For everyone else, a good weight-lifting and cardio routine can help accelerate your weight loss goals. Not a big fan of the gym? Check your local listings for workout classes like Zumba, Kick-Boxing, Martial Arts or anything that may interest you. Walking is also another good workout. It’s simple, easy, and you can incorporate it into your daily routine.

Transforming your body takes time and effort. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. However, you can enjoy the journey by changing your habits instead of going on crash diets or strict weight-loss programs. Your body will thank you in the long run. My fellow men, if anything, do this for your sexual health. There are too many beautiful women out there in the world to go through life without a healthy sex drive. I would love to hear thoughts on this. How have the methods in this articles helped you in shedding fat? Do you have any other methods for losing method? Drop a comment below and let me know what you think.

William Newsome


  1. There’s a lot of discipline and willpower that goes into losing considerable weight. I applaud anyone who is able to make that kind of change in their habits and in their body. Nice post. It’s amazing what changing your routine can do for your body.

    • Thank you. A lot of the time, people think they need to make big, grand changes to their lifestyle to get healthy, when all it really takes is some tweaking here and there

    • Yeah it is. One thing that I’ve learned is that the journey is more important than the destination and we should have fun with it

  2. Thanks for this great article, Will. It’s great that you’re shedding some light into the dangers of excess body fat. Some people think it’s absolutely “okay” to put on 50 pounds just to burn it off, when this is simply not the case, not if you’re crash dieting to get rid of the weight anyway. I like your idea of eating in a calorie deficit of 500. A lot of people wonder why they can’t lose weight, so I’m sure you’re going to help them with this great article.


    • Thank you. Eating at a 500 calorie deficit is actually safer. If one has a little more fat to lose then increasing your deficit would be ok so long as your getting enough macronutrients. I myself eat at about a 1000 calorie deficit but still get enough protein and carbs.

  3. Yes, all very good advice Will. And I should know about it as I have been battling with weight loss for most of my adult life. You are right Will, it certainly is not a race and does not happen overnight. There is the initial stage of achieving the target weight loss, but there is the more important phase of maintaining your target weight – and that’s the part I find hard, as it does involve a life change, which wants you to stick to healthy eating and to increase exercise in your every day routine.

    • Maintaining your target weight can be a challenge, but more in terms of calorie intake. As you reach your target weight, the amount of calories your body burns increases. Read my other posts, it talks about how it’s more of how much you rather than what

  4. I need to determination and strong will power to shake the belly fat. I did it by burning off at least 1000 calories at the gym. I replaced dinner with the vegetable soup for 1 year and managed to reduce the weight from 110 kg to 89Kg.

  5. Great post. I’m 47 years old and definitely have love handles that I didn’t have a few years ago. Your article has motivated me to begin getting back into shape. The simplicity of eating fewer calories than I burn each day is right on track, and I appreciate you comment about our bodies being a temple. Great read. Thanks.

    • Thanks a lot Patrick, and yes our bodies are our temple. Also, I love the prospect of going in the mirror one day, liking what I see and flexing =)

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